Vision & Mission Statement

152 異象與使命宣言


  1. 神兒子最大的榮耀就是:凡事可以顯明天父的榮耀。
  2. 在基督裡憑著信心隨從聖靈的恩典旅程。


  1. 跟隨耶穌、像耶穌(『作主真門徒』實質上就是『作天父真兒子』)
  2. 全人(身心靈)、全方位(生命、能力、命定)的更新與恢復旅程。

二、愛神 :尋求神愛地上萬國萬民的心意,完成祂託付的使命、榮耀神。
  1. 神樂意將祂的國託付給忠心遵行祂旨意的成熟、得勝兒女們。
  2. 使『萬民作主的門徒(神的兒子)』,就是在萬國榮耀神。

  1. 與神同心、同行,藉著祭壇帶下神的同在,明白神的旨意。
  2. 全方位治理教會、自己、七山領域,得地為業,建立天國文化。

  • [1]天使又指示我在城內街道當中一道生命水的河,明亮如水晶,從神和羔羊的寶座流出來。
  • [2]在河這邊與那邊有生命樹,結十二樣果子,每月都結果子;樹上的葉子乃為醫治萬民。

Vision & Mission Statement of 152

『Vision』Restore the glories of son of God.

  1. The greatest glory of son of God is to reflect the glories of Heavenly Father.
  2. The journey of grace is to walk after the Spirit by faith in Christ.

『Mission』To glorify God and His name be hallowed via healing、love God、dominion to restore all nations back to the image of God.

Healing:Restore the glory image God created Adam.
  1. Follow and to be conformed to Jesus. (Be true disciples is to be true Son of God.)
  2. Holistic (body、soul、spirit)、all-directional (life、power、destiny) renew and recover journey.

Love God:Seek after God’s heart upon all nations to fulfill the entrusted mission from God to glorify Him.
  1. God has good pleasure to give the kingdom to faithful and matured sons and daughters who overcome.
  2. To glorify God, go and make disciples of all nations. True disciple mean the true Son of God.

Dominion: Work with God to have dominion over all the earth to inherit the land.
  1. Seek after God’s heart and walk with God. Build altars to have God’s presence and prove God’s will.
  2. To have all-directional dominion over church, self, and seven mountain territories in order to inherit the land and a Heavenly Kingdom Culture.

『Core Scriptures』Rev. 22:1-2
  • [1]And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.
  • [2]In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.